Friday, June 19, 2009

Busy Days in Kildare, Killkenny, Cork and Killarney

After leaving Dublin we traveled to the Irish National Stud Farm, then visited the nearby Japanese gardens (one of the most famous in Europe) filled with hidden tea houses and pathways. We then traveled to Killkenny to have lunch a lovely walk around town and the castle grounds.

Today we traveled first to Cobh (pronouced Cove)to hear about the emigration story of over 4 million Irish from this important port of call. (formerly Queenstown).
A fascinating story about the hardships they faced coming to America. The students were very moved.

After a brief stop at the Garden of Rememberance at Ringfannan, a memorial to the NY city firefighters of Irish descent who were killed in the 9/11 tragedy, we also stopped in Kinsale, a lovely seasside town filled with brightly colored buildings,art galleries and bookstores. We then took the hill up to Charles Fort (on of the few star shaped forts in Ireland) to see sweeping views of the ocean.

Finally, we had a lovely dinner at our first B and B, the Rivermere Guesthouse in Killarney.
We are right in town, so we wandered a few blocks away tonight to hear some traditional Irish music at a local festival. Lots of fun!

On to the Ring of Kerry tomorrow. I will check in again when I can.


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